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Welcome to this website and to our community.

The information on these website pages is intended for use by owners and residents of Parkside Home Owners Association in Ventura, California. Feel free to check back from time to time. You may want to add this website to your browser's 'Favorites' or 'Bookmark' it.

We will attempt to provide you with information that you may find helpful while owning or living at Parkside. We'll try to keep the information accurate and up-to-date, but please check with the management company if you have specific questions or needs.

If you would like to assist with the ongoing management of this site, or if you would like to make the site look better or be more user-friendly, please contact us.

Description of Parkside

Parkside Condominiums is a 240-unit condominium complex in Ventura, California.  Developed during the mid- and late-1980s, 60 buildings were built over a span of six phases.  (Phases I - II were built in 1985. Phases III - IV in 1987. Phases V - VI in 1989.  The phases are numbered from west to east.)  Each building has 4 condo units.  As is usually the case with condominiums, the common areas are jointly owned by all owners.  Generally, the exterior of the buildings themselves are considered common areas.

The streets within the complex are private, belonging to the Association.  You can get additional information on street names, and also see a map of the complex by clicking on the 'Streets' section.

The complex has a swimming pool and hot tub (spa) in each of two pool enclosures.  Each enclosure also has restrooms and an outdoor shower.  There are also gas barbecues within the complex.

All owners are members of the condo association, referred to as Parkside Home Owners Association, or Parkside H.O.A.  The Association maintains the grounds and other commonly owned areas, via a network of vendors, as well as a number of members and residents serving as Board members, committee members, and volunteers.  All residents are encouraged to help out.  It is our property and our homes.

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